Term 2 Maths test

On Tuesday 1st July, both Y9 and Y10 will have their respective Term 2 maths tests.  These tests are based on the work covered since the beginning of the year and will give an indication as to how much each student has improved their mathematical knowledge. They also count towards the end of year grade so we are encouraging the boys to be thoroughly prepared.

Every student has set a specific goal for Maths this term, along with strategies to achieve this goal. Boys should look back to these goals and strategies and reflect on if they are on track to attaining them.

Mathsbuddy is the main tool we have been using for at home learning in Maths. Although the minimum expectation for Mathsbuddy lesson completion is only 3 per week, this is a very useful tool for helping the students revise. We would promote the boys complete extra lessons at their level on topics they are having difficulty with.

Other tools they have are their Maths workbook, Maths exercise book (including notes and problems), RPM tutoring sessions and other resources accessed through the Moodle web site.

The topics for each year are listed below.

Year 9

  • Number
  • Geometry
  • Measurement

Year 10

  • Number/Probability
  • Measurement
  • Statistics

A Young Problem Solver

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 9.31.21 AMWatch this, what do you notice that this young man has in common with the other successful problem solvers you have studied?  What can you learn from him?

Watch here.

Watch more here.

Characteristics of Successful People

At the beginning of the year you did an inquiry on the characteristics of successful problem solvers.  Here is a link to a clip that refers to a lot of the same characteristics that you identified.  Now you know, again.  What are you going to do about it?

Write that Essay

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.26.09 AMLast year the school teamed up with Dr Ian Hunter to focus on improving academic writing.  Dr Hunter has created an online tool, Write that Essay, that can be very effective at helping you improve your writing.  The school has purchased you a login to Write that Essay.  There are a lot of useful explanatory videos and writing activities that will help you be more effective with your written communication if you use them.  To log in to Write that Essay search your school email inbox for Write that Essay.  Follow the instructions in the email and get writing.

“Think of yourself having to convince someone on paper why your answer is the best – with each point yopu make supported by evidence.” Dr Ian Hunter



Time to Upload

When you have made sure that you have included everything that needs to be in your report document prepare to upload.  Down load it as a word document from google.  Then click on the appropriate link below.

Year 9 click here.

Year 10 click here.

Welcome Back

Hopefully you have had a fantastic holiday break and have come back energised and enthusiastic about building on learning from last term.  This week you will have the opportunity to sink your teeth into you YIA or Science Fair project.  Read through the previous blog post and use the links to plan your project.

Science Fair or Young Innovator Award

You will be completing an entry into either BOP Science & Technology Fair project or Young Innovator Award. This is an opportunity to explore the mysteries of the world around you or provide an innovative solution or invent something useful.  Remember that the most important outcome of your project is the joy and learning that comes from scientific discovery or invention – not winning a competition!

Click here to register for either Science Fair or YIA

How do I come up with a project idea?

If you have any questions or problems about the everyday world that you inhabit, perhaps to do with your interests outside of school, this is a great start. You could also try to think of a science topic that you are very interested in, read books, science magazines or news articles, look at other students projects or test a claim made on an advertisement.  These websites  will also get you started in the right direction with some basic ideas that you can develop into projects.  Alternatively you can search Google for ideas and see what you get!

How much time will I need?

A science fair project or innovation project may seem like an overwhelming undertaking. The following schedule will help you think through the various stages of the process and set reasonable deadlines:

YIA Submission Date: Friday, 4th July (only the best from the Inquiry classes will be selected to go through to the finals)

Science Fair Submission Date: Friday, 27 July (only the best 10 from all of TBC will be selected to go through to the finals)


Term 1, Week 11: Identification of possible topics (YIA or Science fair)

Term 2, Week 1: Final selection of topics, online entry completed for YIA

Term 2, Week 4: Background research/topic readings completed

Term 2, Week 5 Working on experiments (Science fair), Developing Innovation

Term 2, Week 6 Data analysis and summary statements made

Term 2, Week 7 Final drafts and preparation of projects

Term 2, Week 8 Projects completed, displayed, ready for presentation to the class

Term 2, Week 9: Submit entries for YIA (Friday, July 4)

Term 3, Week 1: Submit entries for Science fair (Friday, July 25)

Other info

There are planning documents that you can use for all projects. Click the following links:

YIA Templates

Science Fair – Science Fair Book

Science Fair – Technology Book

You may choose to have your first inquiry of Term 2 related to your project. That’s fine – as long as you meet the standard requirements of an inquiry.

Reports are Nearly Due

Should be an interesting inquiry about the control of varroa mite.

Should be an interesting inquiry about the control of varroa mite.

We are nearly at the end of another interesting inquiry cycle. The conversations have been very interesting and helping you edit your reports has been fun.

Before you upload your reports please go through the checklist in the Resources page of the blog and make sure that you have included everything in one document.

Your reports are due by 8:00pm on Sunday the 13th of April.  Have your presentation ready to go by Monday morning.

Here is a reminder from a previous post on how to upload; “It is a fairly simple process and most of you will be able to figure it out by clicking on the link bellow.  Please insert all documents, bibliography, notes etc into the document with your report into a google doc.  Then download the google doc as a word document.  Make sure that your report has an appropriate file name, for example “Gene and Jacob’s Varroa Inquiry.” Once you have done this you are ready to click on the link below.”

Year 9 Click here to Upload

Year 10 Click here to Upload

This may Help with your Pest Report

Good Morning boys.  We are have some trouble with the network so I have shared this in the blog rather than as a googledoc.  It is hot off the press, rough and unpolished, but it may help you write your report.

Title Page




Since the introduction of  . . . in . . . they have had devastating effects on native bird populations.  While it would be ideal to reinstate New Zealand to its pristine state at this stage this appears to be mission impossible.  So short of total eradication what can be done to mitigate the deleterious effects of . . . ?


Table of Contents




New Zealand is ranked 193rd out of 193 . . . at protecting its native species[1].  That is correct we are the worst.  The proliferation of . . . is one of the key factors in our loosing battle.  We need to mount a different attack to mitigate the harm that  . . . cause.  A single pronged attack will not work.  We need to use a range of approaches.  We need to continue to control numbers with ongoing trapping and poisoning programmes, encourage the public to join the effort and create predator free sanctuaries to allow healthy populations of native species to flourish.


Body of Your Report


Write a paragraph about the effects that your species is having.


Include your food web and a paragraph explaining the impact that your chosen pest is having on the food web.


Write about what is currently being done.  This will probably be several paragraphs; one for each option and how effective it is.


Write about what can be done based on your research about other places approaches.  This will probably be several paragraphs; one for each option and how effective it is.


Argue that trapping and poisoning need to continue as part of the battle.


Argue that the public need to be encouraged to participate in pest management and explain how this could be done.


Argue that more predator free sanctuaries need to be created to mitigate the deleterious effects of your chosen pest.




This is your last chance to influence the reader.  Summarise your argument.

[1] Seven Sharp, March 28 2014

Spelling and Grammar Help

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 11.18.19 AM

Click on the picture to watch the clip.

Have a look at this video for some spelling and grammar help.  There are some complicated parts that you do not need to master now, but if you watch it through you should be able to pick up at least five useful points.